Pray & Grow Richer: Learn How to increase your wealth

Pray & Grow Richer: Learn How to increase your wealth

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Dr. Clark's book, "Pray and Grow Richer" is for you. After years of growing up in poverty and being enslaved to its offspring, Dr. Clark has silence the voices of her ancestral failures, and has broken through into a new realm of success. Dr. Clark Wants the Same For You! This book will shift and catapult you from being just an "ordinary person" to being an "enterprising person." Inside of this book are strategies that can be used to provoke the supernatural to show up in your life, so that your wealth streams can be illuminated as well as activated, which will open the door for you to live from your overflow inheritance. Every prayer warrior, intercessor, kingdompreneur and pastor need to read this book. IT IS TIME THE CHURCH INVADE THE BUSINESS GATE!


Author: Dr. Shirley K. Clark
Narrator: Tina Marie Shuster
Publisher: Jabez Books
Run time: 3 hours 36 minutes
Release Date: 03/03/2015