Promise of Protection

Promise of Protection

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After 25 years of estrangement from his father, Joe Tenning is unexpectedly summoned to the bedside of Charles Tenning. Suddenly, he is pulled into unraveling the disturbingly bizarre and ethically questionable work in which his father has been covertly engaged. Uncertain who to trust in the small town, Joe accepts the help of Dr. Lillian Kent who has her own unique brand of patient care. Despite the desire to return to his quiet life running his winery, he now must wrestle with the effects of his father’s work on himself, his loved ones and the lives of many others.

But, a simple leaky faucet is oft proven much more troublesome than an unwieldy water hose. A modest consistent execution, unnoticed by most, fosters success or disaster.   ~~Charles Tenning


Author: Diane M. Dresback
Narrator: Kane Black
Publisher: Mindclover
Run time: 6 hours 32 minutes
Release Date: 07/28/2015