Proper Guide For Good Parenting

Proper Guide For Good Parenting

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Child parenting is not the work of mothers alone. It's a joint effort by both parents. All these attacks all over the world today are a result of the failed responsibility of the parents, and now everybody is paying for it including the innocent ones. Children who supposed to be a blessing to humanity are now a problem to society; that is the consequence of not parenting them properly.

 If you fail to catch them young for Christ, somebody somewhere will catch them young for Satan and he will be using them to do outrageous things in the society. In this crooked generation, “Proper Guide For Good Parenting” will teach you how to successfully parent your children, including your inferiority complex child.


Author: Azuka Chinonso Igwegbe
Narrator: Ronald Hucks
Publisher: RWG Publishing
Run time: 3 hours 38 minutes
Release Date: 05/24/2020