Python for Beginners: 2 Books in 1: Coding for Beginners Using Python + Python Crash Course

Python for Beginners: 2 Books in 1: Coding for Beginners Using Python + Python Crash Course

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Are you new to software development? Are you curious about learning what artificial intelligence is? Do you want to master the Python programming language?

Well, this book is your best choice!

There may be a lot of different languages that you can work with when it comes to the coding, but none are going to provide you with the benefits that you are working with. This language is so popular and used so often that there are a few different operating systems that already have some version of Python found on them for you to use. This can make it easier to get some of the coding done that you would like and will ensure that you will get the best benefits out of it in no time.

This audiobook covers:                                                    

  • What is Python and its history
  • Why learn Python
  • Getting started with Python
  • Variables and operators
  • Basic operators
  • Data types in Python
  • Functions and modules
  • Defining your functions
  • Working with your module   
  • Working with files    
  • Using a "for loop" to write and read text files

...and so much more!

This guidebook is going to take the Python language to the next level and look at some of the more advanced features that you can enjoy with this kind of writing, but when you look at some of the codes - even some of these that are more advanced than what you may have worked with in the past - you will find that it is easy to write some codes that have a lot of power, and even easy to complete your projects.


Author: Mark Matthes, Eric Lutz
Narrator: Jerome Vega
Publisher: Mark Matthes, Eric Lutz
Run time: 6 hours 16 minutes
Release Date: 01/05/2021