Queen of Diamonds

Queen of Diamonds

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Book #2 in the Ania Series!

When Ania Kozak hits Vegas, she’s only looking for a place to relax and lay low with her stolen cash and diamonds.

But Sin City has other plans for “Annie.

Cord Needham is a poker circuit champion with an eye for the ladies and a dark secret in his past. Casey Brunnell is a former baseball player fighting the cards and running up debts to a local mobster. When Annie decides to play a dangerous game with both of them, the stakes go through the roof. Everyone scrambles to beat the odds and get out of town with the money… and their lives.


Author: Frank Zafiro, Jim Wilsky
Narrator: Johnny Peppers
Publisher: Code 4 Press
Run time: 6 hours 46 minutes
Release Date: 10/25/2013