Rattlesnake Hill: A Berkshire Hilltown Mystery

Rattlesnake Hill: A Berkshire Hilltown Mystery

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Bostonian Kathryn Stinson is on a deeply personal quest to solve a family mystery: the identity of a nameless beauty in an old photograph from over a century ago. But, as Kathryn quickly discovers when she shows up in the sleepy hilltown of New Nottingham, the Berkshires possess a host of dark secrets—both ancient and new—that can only be revealed at the price of danger and even death.

Her suspicious neighbors on Rattlesnake Hill become openly hostile when Kathryn starts seeking answers to a more recent mystery: the murder of Diana Farley, who once occupied the house Kathryn is now renting. Was it Diana’s husband, who killed her to keep her from divorcing him, or her lover, Earl Barker, a backwoods charmer and leading member of a wild clan known for their violent tempers?

When Kathryn plunges into a passionate affair with Earl, she puts herself on a collision course with past and present. She must find out if Earl killed Diana, or risk becoming a victim herself.


Author: Leslie Wheeler
Narrator: Heather Masters
Publisher: OrangeSky Audio
Run time: 10 hours 26 minutes
Release Date: 05/11/2021