Real Trouble

Real Trouble

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Who knew starting over would lead them right back to the beginning?

Soren Jorgensen has just one regret - getting involved with bad boy Dany Petyr. To be fair, Dany had warned him, but Soren let his heart take the lead and he'll never be the same.

A new job in a new town offers him the chance to start over. He won't make the same mistake again.

All is well. Until Dany shows up and turns Soren's tidy world upside down.

Dany's only regret is walking away from Soren. But, if he could go back in time he knows he'd make the same decision, his history is too toxic for a man like Soren. Piedras is the perfect place for Dany to hide out, until--well, possibly forever.

When a local man is murdered, tensions on Piedras rise and accusations fly. Will Dany run again, or can Soren convince him to stay this time and face the danger head-on, together?

Real Trouble is the first in the West Coast Forensics series set on Piedras Island. Told in dual POV, Real Trouble follows Soren and Dany all the way to their HEA.


Author: Elle Keaton
Narrator: Michael Dean
Publisher: Dirty Dog Press LLC
Run time: 7 hours 37 minutes
Release Date: 02/01/2023