Reborn to Avenge

Reborn to Avenge

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A passion that outlasts time itself…

Dawn and her lover Jake Maxwell share a sizzling bond even death can't sever, reunited through his reincarnation and her awakening after three thousand years as a mummy. They're on the run from Redeo Biotech, the company that resurrected her — and Redeo's founder, Anton Vahl, is hell-bent on reclaiming her to mine the secrets of her rebirth. When he offers to let Jake go free if Dawn surrenders to him, she must sacrifice her freedom to save the man she's loved for eternity.

The power of vengeance is undying too…

With Dawn in his clutches, Vahl sets out to help her regain her lost memories, of the life she lived in ancient Egypt. She may be forced to submit to his tests, but she will never give in to his will. Underneath the scientific curiosity, she senses a darkness more disturbing than his claims of legal ownership over her body. As Jake embarks on a desperate quest to uncover Vahl's true motives and free Dawn, she is shocked by what her newfound memories expose about her past and her future. Now she's in a battle for her life and her soul, determined to vanquish an evil that knows no bounds.

Reborn to Avenge is the award-winning third book in the Reborn series of paranormal romances.


Author: Anna Durand
Narrator: Stella Hunter, Aaron Shedlock
Publisher: Jacobsville Books
Run time: 2 hours 23 minutes
Release Date: 06/27/2021