Reborn to Die

Reborn to Die

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"If they find out you're alive, they'll kill you."

She woke up drowning—inside a glass tank in a laboratory straight out of a science fiction movie. The mysterious, alluring stranger who rescues her clearly knows more than he's willing to reveal. Desperate and terrified, nameless and blinded by amnesia, she risks trusting her enigmatic savior and the dire warning he issues.

The weirdest part of all? She remembers his name.

Jake burns to tell her everything, but he's keeping more secrets than she realizes. He sat vigil beside her glass coffin for months, watching as scientists regenerated her body—and fantasizing about the woman she might once have been, never dreaming she'd wake up, because no one believed she could. Now, confronted with the reality of her, he discovers this bold and suspicious woman captivates him even more intensely than his fantasy.

But as the rogue scientists responsible for her new life close in on them, the shocking truth about her origins, her past life, and her awakening threatens to destroy their burgeoning passion. Can the star-crossed lovers defeat their enemies before time runs out?

Reborn to Die is the first book in the Reborn series of paranormal romances.


Author: Anna Durand
Narrator: Stella Hunter, Aaron Shedlock
Publisher: Jacobsville Books
Run time: 1 hours 20 minutes
Release Date: 06/26/2021