Redeemer Chronicles Books 1-3

Redeemer Chronicles Books 1-3

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Being the Chosen One could kill her and others …

Join Victoria Saveron and her friends as they fight to save Aeris from the Dark Man’s evil schemes.

Awakening: Vic discovers her powers, her gift, and her calling.

The Holy War: Vic and company race to stop an all–out war between the two magical races.

Reclaim the Darklands: One by one, Vic’s family and friends are captured by the Dark Man’s minions to force her submission.

She’s prepared to fight, bleed, and even die for her homeland, but does that commitment extend to sacrificing everyone she loves?


This is a combination audiobook containing Redeemer Chronicles Book 1: Awakening (narrated by Caitlin Jacques), Book 2: The Holy War, and Book 3: Reclaim the Darklands (books 2 and 3 are performed by Jacqueline DeGraff). There's also an illustrated version of Awakening. The prequels to this series are River's Edge Ransom and The Huntsman and the Healer. Aeris maps are available by email.


Author: Julie C. Gilbert
Narrator: Caitlin Jacques, Jacqueline DeGraff
Publisher: Julie C. Gilbert
Run time: 16 hours 32 minutes
Release Date: 04/19/2020