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Soren Green is a good man. An ex-MMA fighter, single father, and a lawyer helping to better the lives of LGBT teens. But his life isn’t as simple as it seems. And things get turned a little upside down when he stumbles on a troubled man on the side of the road, making his way through a snowstorm. Soren knows one of his biggest problems is his bleeding heart, but how can he turn away when he was once that man out in the cold?

Kane Winters once had it easy. Rich parents, silver spoon, everything at his disposal. But Kane was never a lucky man, and nothing is proof of that more than his abusive boyfriend dying in a freak accident, and his uncontrollable anger sending him into a tailspin.

He returned to Fairfield with a chip on his shoulder, felony on his record, and no hope of recovering himself as the man he once was. Kane was certain that he was condemned to this life - cold, alone, and unloved. Then, in the middle of a storm, a stranger pulls over to offer him a ride.

Kane took a blind leap once, and it almost destroyed his life, but he’s not so sure the bald man with the walking cane and kind eyes would be anything like his ex. Will the two men figure out a way to make it work, or will their pasts continue to leave them to a future without hope? 

Renegades is the first book in the series Breaking the Rules - an Irons and Works spin-off. Each book contains no cheating with an HEA.


Author: E.M. Lindsey
Narrator: Zachary Zaba
Publisher: E.M. Lindsey
Run time: 7 hours 19 minutes
Release Date: 03/23/2020