Rescuing Lily

Rescuing Lily

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I’ll protect her from any threat, but what happens when my enemies set their sights on her? When the biggest threat to her safety is me?

The Guardian Hostage Rescue series gets more intense with every book. With dangerous missions, heroic rescues, nail-biting suspense, and sizzling romance, get ready for an addictive adrenaline rush.


Name: Lily Freeman

Job: DEA Field Operative.

Assignment: Undercover.

Target: Knox Wilder (alleged drug runner).

Objective: Get close to Wilder. Infiltrate his organization. Tear it down from the inside.

Personal Notes: Knox Wilder isn’t what he seems, and while I’m supposed to be the one seducing him, he’s the one fulfilling the filthy fantasies I keep hidden from myself. Working undercover doesn’t come without risk, but there are some benefits. I can sleep with Knox without guilt. It’s all for God and country, and dang it if I’m not a patriot.


Name: Knox Wilder

Job: Guardian, an elite, ex-military, special forces expert.

Position: Alpha-Six.

Assignment: Undercover.

Target: Tomas Benefield’s Human trafficking organization.

Objective: Rescue a dozen women before they disappear forever.

Personal Notes: The op is going well, a near-flawless execution until a DEA Taskforce screws everything up. They think I’m involved in transporting drugs, and I’ve got no time to set the beautiful agent straight. I shouldn’t let my guard down. I shouldn’t let her get close. There’s a whole lot I shouldn’t do with the beautiful blonde, but there’s something about her I can’t resist.


Author: Ellie Masters
Narrator: Noel Harrison, Maxine Mitchell
Publisher: JEM Publishing
Run time: 8 hours 59 minutes
Release Date: 10/22/2022