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Rescuing Reya

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Utan oversees one of the houses of pleasure on planet Ralen. He does the duty required of him, but harbors no desire to find release in a woman many seek comfort for coin with. When his brother asks for his help in finding a small slip of a woman who came from a slave trader vessel, Utan rushes to aid Altan.

He wasn't in search of a mate, a woman of his own, but he can't resist the urge to lay claim to her even at the expense of his brother's future.

Reya had it all. The promise of love, of a future, of happiness. It was all based on lies. Lies that left her in the hands of slave traders. When she finds herself on a strange planet with powerful men who can shift into beasts and who are in the market for strong stock to serve their every sexual whim, she knows she'll be given back to the traders to face certain death. So she makes a run for it - straight into the arms of two brothers.

One who owns a brothel and the other who fights his inner beast with all he has. The three of them must find a way to come together if they're to make it work. Unfortunately, not everyone has their best interests at heart.


Publisher:  Raven Happy Hour, LLC
Narrator: Kitty Silver
Run time:  1.6 hours
Release Date:  7/18/2014