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He cannot win. I won’t let him.

When Igor Kharmarov sacrificed himself to save me, he unwittingly left his eldest son as the paterfamilias of the most lethal of vampiric bloodlines. Now Dracula commands more than a few surviving sycophants. He has an entire army at his command, and they’re all coming for me. But when they find me, I won’t be alone. Together, hoods, wolves, and slayers will don our cloaks, take our fur, and call upon the power of the sun itself to defeat him. Vlad Tepes wanted to enslave the slayers and unmake the wolves. He wanted to take me away from Tobias and use our daughter as a tool. He'll choke on each of his ambitions as I stuff them down his throat. Three bloodlines flow through my veins, and each has a cause for revenge. I will make this world safe for all the creatures of the night. Even if I have to deceive those I love to do so… But what did they expect from the namesake of the Betrayer?

The final installment in the Red Chronicles. See how it all ends now!


Author: Kendrai Meeks
Narrator: Erin Parker, Sara Morsey, James Kessell, Tim Paige
Publisher: Tulipe Noire Press
Run time: 8 hours 12 minutes
Release Date: 10/01/2021