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Rogue Commander

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Titus Black doesn’t like playing games, especially when it comes to terrorists. 

When three U.S. emissaries are murdered in broad daylight in Jordan by an assassin known as The Ghost, black ops specialist Titus Black teams up with Christina Shields to track down the killer in a mission that grows more dangerous with each new clue. As they navigate the shadowy world of the Middle East in an effort to finish their operation, they learn of a secret that puts them on a collision course with a madman bent on bringing America to its knees.

With nothing left to lose, Titus Black must face his new nemesis with no margin for error. 

Fans of Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne, Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher will enjoy this exciting new thriller from bestselling author R.J. Patterson.


Author: R.J. Patterson
Narrator: Kyle Tait
Publisher: Green E-Books
Run time: 5 hours 37 minutes
Release Date: 03/12/2021