Romantic Poems For Lovers

Romantic Poems For Lovers

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Poetry is the emotion emanating from the heart of the poet, which can be in the heart of any lover. The poet uses exaggerated rhetoric and language to express the loving feelings emanating from his heart.

There are mainly two expressions in any poetry - love, and separation. Most of the poems describe the love between a girl and a young man. Poems can be sung as well as can be in the form of prose. At present, most of the poems are prevalent in prose form. Loving readers read such poems with great interest.

In the presented book, the feelings of the inner heart of lovers have been presented through poetry. When readers read these poems, they will surely feel as if all this has happened to them as well. These poems can also refresh the memories of the readers; At the same time, they can also become a good means of expressing the feelings present in their hearts for their loved ones at present.

This book of poems is dedicated to all boyfriends and girlfriends I hope they will like it.


Author: Mahesh Sharma
Narrator: Riya Sharma
Publisher: Mahesh Sharma
Run time: 13 minutes
Release Date: 11/15/2021