Rules Behind Patterns Technique: 2-Question technique that will change your life!

Rules Behind Patterns Technique: 2-Question technique that will change your life!

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Rules and patterns are everywhere - in things, in our actions and in our thoughts. This idea from Science and Math will teach us how to think and give our mind something to grasp in the reality, to know what's really going on, to make sense of things around us that will help us in many ways to get what we want in life. However, this idea is abstract and difficult to see.

In this short book (good for those not fond of reading), I created a 2-Question technique that you can use to see this idea easily and bring out more power of thinking that is naturally in you.

Warning: Two questions that will change your life!

• Learn fast and think with confidence

• Communicate clearly

• Work hard intelligently

With a little imagination you can see patterns are everywhere from simple to complex, inside and out. Our brains recognize patterns automatically through our senses and predict what will happen next. Like the patterns in the beat of a beautiful music, the patterns in the design of a cozy house, the patterns in the flavors of a delicious food, the patterns in the aroma of an early-morning coffee, the patterns in the intimate hug of a loved one... but wait, there's one more thing... if we actively think of the patterns and figure out the rules behind them, great rewards await us.

The values of RBP Technique:

  • Build yourself a strong foundation for learning and thinking.
  • Learn fast and think with confidence that you can figure things out when the need arises.
  • Communicate clearly.
  • Work hard intelligently.
  • Gives you realistic view of the world so you can enjoy life.
  • Think creatively and tap on humanity's collection of best work so you can add value to the world and reap its rewards.


Author: Alfie Apan
Narrator: Kaeomakana Tiwanak
Publisher: Alfie Apan
Run time: 24 minutes
Release Date: 03/05/2021