Savage Row

Savage Row

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"Truly terrifying. The kind of story that sticks with you long after the final page is turned." — Booklist

The international bestselling author of Her and The Social Affair returns with another suspenseful thriller that very well could be set in the house next door.

Jack Mooney, a career criminal, has been in prison for nearly a decade, quietly nursing his hatred for the jurors who put him there. One in particular gets him through the endless days--the alluring Amy Stone.

When Mooney is granted early release, he makes Amy his first priority. To his delight, she's even more enticing than before, and better still, she has a lot more to lose than he'd imagined.

As Mooney's campaign of terror mounts, the police seem powerless to protect the Stone family, who must rely on their wits to survive a psychopath hell-bent on revenge.


Author: Britney King
Narrator: Laura Jennings
Publisher: OrangeSky Audio
Run time: 5 hours 13 minutes
Release Date: 04/13/2021