Searching For Keeley

Searching For Keeley

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Keeley Anderson may not have exactly the life she wants, but she’s happy working as a dental assistant. Nothing amazing happens until her boss makes a bad business decision and she’s abducted by an organized crime gang hell-bent on using her to get money.

FBI agent Noah Grey is tasked with ending the stream of drugs brought into Texas through the many waterways along the coast. When the cute dental assistant he is dating is abducted, he finds he is useless against the wave of crime swamping Texas.

Once Keeley is found, everyone thinks the danger is over, but she knows too much about the thugs’ operation, and they come after her.

Noah does the only thing he can think of, spirit Keeley away to a private cabin nestled in the wood of East Texas. Once there, Keeley can’t ignore the desire she feels for Noah. But are they safe, or will the crew that took Keeley find them?


Author: Julia Bright
Narrator: Kathryn LaPlante
Publisher: Julia Bright
Run time: 6 hours 18 minutes
Release Date: 04/16/2021