Securing the Sacred: Making Your House of Worship a Safer Place

Securing the Sacred: Making Your House of Worship a Safer Place

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Your Church Security Handbook Crimes against churches and ministers are rising at an alarming rate. Almost on a weekly basis, we read or hear about a shooting or act of violence in or on a church property. From burglary, to domestic violence to shootings, churches are getting a wake up call that they are no longer the safe and sacred places they once were. As our culture becomes more secular, churches will be targeted even more. Jesus warned that in the last days treacherous times would come so that we would be prepared. This book will provide principles on how to protect your house of worship. Eric and Andrew reveal how by using the same principles that the United States Secret Service uses to protect the president and the White House, you can better protect your church, its leaders and people. This one of a kind security book, written through the unique perspective of a pastor and one of the security industries leading experts, will show you not only how to better protect your church, but why and how to put together your church security team. If you ready one book about church security this year, this one will not disappoint you!


Author: Dr. Andrew P. Surace, CMAS, CMEPS, Eric Konohia
Narrator: Charles Olsen
Publisher: Worldwide Publishing Group
Run time: 2 hours 32 minutes
Release Date: 10/25/2016