Self Defense for Dummies: Guard Yourself in Times of Emergency

Self Defense for Dummies: Guard Yourself in Times of Emergency

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If you have walked down a dark alley in the dark of the night with no companions, you may identify with the feeling of your heart thumping against your chest. You keep looking over your shoulders, anticipating someone to mysteriously appear out of nowhere and pounce on you. You feel uneasy and afraid that someone will attack you or mug you. However, if you have had the ability to defend yourself, you would feel more confident and less afraid of being attacked. This is also the reason why many people have signed themselves up for self defence classes.Self defence simply means to be able to fight off the aggressor and successfully protect yourself. It is also a legal justification for any force exerted by someone when his or her wellbeing is being threatened. There are various methods to do so; hence if you are interested to learn how to defend yourself, the first thing you should do is to learn more about the styles of self defence that you can choose from. The most common method of dealing with aggressors would be to respond physically by dealing moves that will disarm him or throw him off long enough for you to escape. When you choose to utilise this style of self defence, you will be able to choose between fighting with your bare hands or with a weapon. However, besides using physical techniques, you can also use verbal skills to convince the aggressor to back down. This is a technique which may be preferred by ladies, especially those who do not have sufficient strength to fight back.Regardless of whichever self defence method you prefer, one thing is for sure - by learning how to defend yourself successfully, you will be able to prevent injuries and also increase your chances of surviving any assaults.


Author: J. Steele
Narrator: David Artellan
Publisher: ECONO Publishing
Run time: 12 minutes
Release Date: 08/10/2020