Sentimental Journey: The Cabin of Love & Magic

Sentimental Journey: The Cabin of Love & Magic

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Three ghosts. A remote cabin in Idaho. Now, a romance-avoiding loner and her mysterious lodger need to learn the secrets behind the ghosts ... and the cabin.

Julia Perrin runs a bed and breakfast that tends to have a strange clientele--people hoping to find true love. She's the eldest of three sisters who have inherited the cabin along with its ghosts--ghosts who are rumored to be "matchmakers." Of course, Julia knows the legend is nonsense, and believes love is highly overrated. She's never been in love and never wants to be, but she needs money, so if people want to spend a night or two at the cabin thinking they might find love, she's fine with it.

But then a handsome French wildlife biologist takes a room at the cabin. Jean-Philippe Fontaine is supposedly staying at the cabin because of its proximity to a remote Idaho forest where some rare falcons are being illegally trapped. But his real reason for being there has to do with the cabin's ghosts. He has no interest in them as ghosts--what nonsense--or in their nonsensical matchmaking. He's interested in their background, and wonders if it doesn't intersect with his own family's mysterious history.

As a result, Julia and Jean-Philippe find that there's a lot more to the cabin's ghosts--and each other--than either of them ever expected.

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If I Loved You (#1)

This Can't be Love (#2)

Sentimental Journey (#3)


Author: Joanne Pence
Narrator: Lee Daniels
Publisher: Quail Hill Publishing
Run time: 6 hours 0 minutes
Release Date: 03/17/2021