Seoul Demon

Seoul Demon

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Just because I'm undead, doesn't mean I'm suddenly a ghost whisperer.

But if it'll convince my dad I'm still me, I'll go to Korea and do my best. I'd do anything for him to love me again, even if it means trying to convince my ancestors to quit haunting us.

And the task turns out to be as impossible as I feared—until the imugi hiding in my auntie’s garden offers me a deal. He’ll help put the ghosties to rest, if I help him become a real dragon.

It could have been fun. It should have been fun.

But when it costs me every person I love, even winning feels like losing.


Author: Ali Archer
Narrator: Jessica Duncan
Publisher: Novel Ninjutsu
Run time: 9 hours 1 minutes
Release Date: 02/06/2023