Seran's Reach: A LitRPG Fantasy Adventure: Enora Online Book 5

Seran's Reach: A LitRPG Fantasy Adventure: Enora Online Book 5

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The game has changed...again.

Having traded one threat outside his foundation instance for another, Gemini Fowler enters a new phase in his mission to combat darkness in Rubal. High-level demon servants to the Underlord Caym patrol the blight. The threat of the Governor of Knall looms larger than ever.

Having left a trusted friend to advance his foundation, Gemini must venture alone into the unfamiliar Hinterlands of Seran to convince potential allies to help combat the darkness that has ruled since before anyone can remember. 

But when the road north leads to a shocking discovery, the mission—and the game—changes.

Armed with a new class and trained in all-new abilities, Gemini must face a two-pronged threat from the supernatural force who would make him a slave, and the politically corrupt regent whose plans are still a mystery.

A multi-perspective, hybrid role-playing and real-time strategy experience, Seran's Reach promises an epic adventure LitRPG fans will love.


Author: Arlo Adams
Narrator: Brian Meslar
Publisher: Layer2 Publishing
Run time: 9 hours 21 minutes
Release Date: 07/28/2020