Shiny Things

Shiny Things

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For Gretel, nothing beat the high of stealing ...

unless it was the feeling of getting away with it.

Gretel wasn't living if she wasn't planning her next heist or jostling stolen diamonds from one country to the next.

Her life crashed around her when she fell in love with the wrong man.

Oddly enough, hope appeared in the form of another man who offered her a lifeline.

"Consult for law enforcement and stay out of prison," he'd said.

Gretel took the deal professing to be a changed woman.

When Gretel learns who's behind the first crime she's helping investigate, will the hurts of the past cause her to dive back into her old ways?

Can Gretel quench her thirst for diamonds long enough to pass up the perfect robbery?

Could her new role with law enforcement end up being the perfect cover?


Author: Samantha Price
Narrator: Cindy Kay
Publisher: Samantha Price
Run time: 5 hours 23 minutes
Release Date: 05/10/2020