Si'Empra's Queen: Beyond the here and now

Si'Empra's Queen: Beyond the here and now

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Ellen knows how to deal with greedy investors, restore the wealth of a nation and juggle political machinations. She’s uncertain about how to deal with the suffering of friends and family. As for her own demons … there is only one route to deal with those and it’s not easy.

Ellen’s the charismatic Ürügh of Si’Empra. She juggles secrets and her own insecurities.

It’s been fifteen years since she became Si’Empra’s eader. She’s still a young woman but her health is failing. She must train a successor – maybe two. Richard is an obvious candidate but she cannot – yet – tell him the one secret that will make or break him. She’s focused on her duty and on making good her promises. She’s oblivious to Norm Tucker’s designs for revenge till too late.

In book three of the Songs of Si’Empra series, an era comes to an end to make way for a new one that’s full of excitement and energy. Not everyone is destined to step into that sunny future.

Listen to this last instalment of the intriguing and compelling Songs of Si’Empra series. It is a story that will stay with you, helping you smile and ponder through your days.


Author: Miriam Verbeek
Narrator: Ruth Redman
Publisher: Miriam Verbeek
Run time: 11 hours 16 minutes
Release Date: 08/31/2020