SIMPLE METHODS SMARTER DECISIONS: Safety Resource For Female Recording Artists

SIMPLE METHODS SMARTER DECISIONS: Safety Resource For Female Recording Artists

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Breaking News! "Top Recording Artist Battles To Own Masters", "Popular Hit Maker Linked To Shocking Sex Scandal", "Number One Selling Performer File's Bankruptcy", "Beloved Pop Star's Crazed Lover Wrecks Her Career." We have seen the magazine headlines and heard the national news stories associated with some of the most famous recording artists in the world. But what about the stories we don't hear, within the Indie Artist Entrepreneurial community?

The realities surrounding the music industry can be exciting, glamorous and desirable, but also dark and destructive. In an environment where narcissistic behaviors thrive, a craving for power challenges personal leadership. Yet, it creates a platform that can change the world like no other. As a woman maneuvering the world of music, you may soon encounter unique needs at many levels.

An early open conversation in a woman's musical journey can make a world of difference in her successes, both personally and professionally. "Simple Methods Smarter Decisions: Safety Resource For Female Recording Artists" serves as a guide, an open dialogue of lessons any woman can find valuable when walking the road many artists have taken. This easy read is for the shining star in YOU. The "eager to experience your full potential", yet "learning the challenges of an industry", YOU!

If you're ready, let's explore with Author Latoya Cooper "The Songstress" the powers of spiritual gift and smart strategy to protect it, as you share your talent with the world. SuperStar, as a female indie artist entrepreneur (recording artist), what does this look like for you? Purchase your copy today!


Author: Latoya Cooper
Narrator: Susan Marlowe
Publisher: Music Meets The Boardroom, LLC
Run time: 1 hours 12 minutes
Release Date: 07/13/2021