Sinful Proposition (The Sinful Series, Book 3)

Sinful Proposition (The Sinful Series, Book 3)

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He's cautious, guarded and professional. She’s a temptress he can’t resist.

Tempest Wilder has lived a life of luxury but she’s intent on creating her own empire. Her newest venture, Wilder Things, is a boutique hotel with seductively themed rooms.

Remy Lowell has a troubled past, filled with abandonment and heartache. He’s worked his way up from nothing and is damn proud of that. But his latest contracting job is more provocative than expected and his new client has him thinking thoughts he shouldn’t.

He’s determined not to mix business with pleasure, but when Tempest sets her sights on something, she gets it. And right now she wants Remy, the sexy, rough-around-the-edges man who challenges her at every turn.


But after their business deal is over, will the lady and the reformed tramp be able to find their happily ever after?

SINFUL PROPOSITION is a seductive and modern take on Lady and the Tramp


Author: Erika Wilde
Narrator: Lia Langola
Publisher: Janelle Denison, Inc.
Run time: 4 hours 56 minutes
Release Date: 03/20/2020