Six Months

Six Months

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Quinton Thorn has always wanted to own a bakery and share his love of food with as many people as possible. His passion for taking regular recipes and turning them into something special is what makes his food unique. When he meets Enzo Reid the first day of culinary school, he has no reason to question why he’s there. He accepts that Enzo is just as passionate about baking as he is. He soon realizes he has feelings for Enzo that go beyond friendship, but for the sake of their business, he keeps his feelings to himself.Enzo Reid started culinary school, hoping for a second chance. He’d already had one career, and when it disintegrated, he wanted a new start. He never meant to deceive Quinton, but he was never totally honest with him either, and now his actions will force him to choose between keeping their friendship or continuing their business. He has six months to decide what he’ll do, then he’ll need to live with his decision, and the choices he’s made in the past. 

#friendstoenemiestolovers #bakers #hea #mmromance #slowburn #indieauthor #workromance


Author: BL Maxwell
Narrator: Douglas Wilkin
Publisher: BL Maxwell
Run time: 1 hours 59 minutes
Release Date: 11/11/2020