Skyseeker's Princess

Skyseeker's Princess

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Ellen’s alone. Lying on the banks of an ice-laden river, she’s badly injured and she’s going to die. She doesn’t care. She was trained to be the Si'Empra’s leader, but wealthy Skyseekers, the country's elite, chose her brother—her abuser. And just like that, her future was gone.
But others believe that Ellen is the key to their future. Crystalmakers rescue her and take her to a refuge. She learns about the inter-relationships of Si'Empra’s diverse societies and how alliances between the societies have kept this small, Antarctic island alive. She comes to understand more clearly how her brother’s brutality is destroying the land – threatening its very existence. But Ellen’s unsure about being a leader and her brother's betrayal has hurt her deeply. There’s duty, though, and her training urges her to help her new friends. Every step she takes, every negotiation she succeeds in, every promise she makes draws her further into an ultimate confrontation with her brother and the elite … and it’s not what she wants. She’s too young. She’s not ready. But there is duty. And her beautiful, cold and windswept island is dying.
If you enjoyed Where the Forest Meets the Stars and Patrick Rothfluss' Kingkiller's Chronicles, then you'll love the wonderful blend of contemporary and fantasy in Skyseeker's Princess.


Author: Miriam Verbeek
Narrator: Ruth Redman
Publisher: Miriam Verbeek
Run time: 10 hours 8 minutes
Release Date: 04/15/2019