Spring Betrayal

Spring Betrayal

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It was supposed to be a routine investigation—catch the cheatin’ spouse of a client. And the perks weren’t bad either—set up shop at a luxury resort.  So yes, Robert Grey and Jane Carson from Grey Investigations are on the job.

But when they discover the suspect is a princess wrongfully accused of abdicating and her companion dies under suspicious circumstances, the investigators find themselves in the middle of a Caribbean conspiracy to overthrow a monarchy.

Suddenly Jane must take the place of the princess to secure the throne of an island nation.

Can Grey Investigations untangle a royal mess before a revolution overtakes paradise? 


Author: Sally Jo Pitts
Narrator: Christa DelSorbo
Publisher: Gordian Books, an imprint of Winged Publications
Run time: 6 hours 4 minutes
Release Date: 07/02/2021