* Star Crossed

* Star Crossed

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* Star Crossed

A Novelette

The Necromantor, the King of Doom meets his match with a grey alien diplomat's sister Mookaite Ga her brother tries to break them up not because of racism but because he's a jinx because all women he loves die according to the drunk Masked Chicken. They have Romeo and Juliet relationship. It all goes wrong when the press turns up and the secret lovers are caught revealing the existence of aliens and their relationship. Will it help or hinder their relationship?

Mishio Ga her brother from Everyone Is An Alien Somewhere story. He thinks Necromantor's family is a little odd if not alien


Author: Rachel Lawson
Narrator: Rachel Lawson
Publisher: Rachel Lawson
Run time: 28 minutes
Release Date: 02/21/2023