Star Stable: Aunt Amal's Doll: Linda's Story

Star Stable: Aunt Amal's Doll: Linda's Story

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Horses, mystery, and ghosts with the Soul Riders

Linda is used to her Aunt Amal buying odd antiques and second hand knick knacks to decorate their home, but there is something strange about the old porcelain doll her Aunt just brought home. At first, it's only Linda's cat Misty that’s scared of it. It's not until her Aunt Amal falls ill that Linda understands that she needs to get rid of the doll. But what if it doesn't want to leave...?

“Soul Riders Ghost Stories” is a series of short stories from the magical world of Star Stable, where the four Soul Riders Alex, Lisa, Linda, and Anne, tell you some of their own spooky encounters on Jorvik. You can also listen to more of their adventures in the collection “Soul Riders Short Stories”.

Do you love books about horses, friendship, and magic? Don't miss the epic story told in the Soul Riders trilogy (Jorvik CallingThe Legend AwakensDarkness Falling), winner of the NAPPA Awards 2020 and 2021, and a 2021 Kids' Book Choice Awards finalist!

The Soul Riders novels and short stories are inspired by the computer game Star Stable, a world of horses and adventure where millions of girls around the world explore the wonders and mysteries of the enchanted island of Jorvik together on horseback. Try for free at

Aunt Amal's Doll music and sound design by Johan Rask.


Author: Helena Dahlgren
Narrator: Jennifer Jill Araya
Publisher: Star Stable Entertainment
Run time: 26 minutes
Release Date: 10/29/2021