Stars to Light the Sky

Stars to Light the Sky

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A story about healing, hope, and love—oh, and the person who left her for dead!

Daizon May, a former Special Forces soldier turned actor, saves a woman left for dead on the edge of his rural escape in Maine. Days later, she wakes from a coma, the only clue to her identity, silver earrings with the name Amia etched within a heart.

To secure an upcoming role, Daizon commits himself to a two-month psychiatric wellness program. Hoping to regain her identity, Amia enters the same program, and sparks ignite between them as their minds heal. However, the person who left Amia for dead has plans, too, and they don’t include a happy-ever-after ending.

"As each tantalizing puzzle piece clicks back into place for Amia, readers will find it increasingly hard to put the story down. Characterization is strong, dialogue is engaging, the clues are surprising, and the pace is swift." — BookLife Reviews Editor's Pick


Author: Dennis R Crocker
Narrator: Sierra Kline
Publisher: Milo Lui & Ozzie Pub
Run time: 9 hours 42 minutes
Release Date: 02/01/2023