Stones of Light

Stones of Light

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"A flawless sequel." —S.A. Klopfenstein, author of the Watcher series

A new darkness is rising.

Chrys swore to never again let the Apogee take control but, in a moment of desperation, he gave in. Now, he will learn what the Apogee truly wants.

In Alchea, Laurel will do anything to get her threadlight back, even if it means working for the leader of the Bloodthieves. But she has no choice...a life without threadlight is no life at all.

To the west, Alverax travels with the Zeda people to the large port city of Felia, where they seek refuge after the fires in the Fairenwild. But he shattered the coreseal, and no one quite knows what the consequences will be. They only know it won't be good.

Together, they changed the world—now, they must save it.


Author: Zack Argyle
Narrator: Adam Gold
Publisher: Zack Argyle
Run time: 10 hours 59 minutes
Release Date: 10/11/2021