Striving for the Stars

Striving for the Stars

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Striving for the stars is a trope-tastic, coming of age space opera, for young adults and the young at heart. 

Aristeia has always dreamed of one day leaving the desolate planet she calls home. The daughter of a recycling centre engineer, she spends her days salvaging in the scrap yards, hoping to save enough credits to fund a move to a more populated planet.

After uncovering an old flight simulator among the scrap, Aristeia finds herself with a new goal. To become a pilot and claim the stars for her own.

When her estranged mother, an admiral in the United Astrum Federations space fleet, presents her with the opportunity to achieve the one thing she wants most, Aristeia jumps at the chance to take the entrance exams for the fleet's most elite academy. Only if she passes her exams and basic training can she hope to join the pilot training program and one day reach the stars.


Author: Taniko K Williams
Narrator: Cindy Goulding
Publisher: Outback Quill Publishing
Run time: 7 hours 42 minutes
Release Date: 11/01/2021