Sub-Prime Minister

Sub-Prime Minister

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What made David Cameron make the biggest political mistake in British political history?  Admittedly not the most impressive of Prime Ministers, Cameron certainly wasn’t failing THAT much. What made him gamble everything on the insane notion that Great Britain would or could exit the EU? One thing’s for sure he certainly didn’t think they would!

Sub-Prime Minister imagines what led up to, during and after the referendum on Europe.  Set almost exclusively in the Prime Minister’s office, this comedy is part creation, part fact, with the fact being as insane as the fiction.  Joined by his loyal colleagues, Jeffery (Secretary of State) and Twatt (publicist), David Cameroon, is taken, by his best friend, Morris Johnston and convinced to hold a referendum on Europe.  What started as an attempt to curry favor with the general public to raise his approval ratings before a general election, ends up being Cameroon’s ruin and Europe’s pantomime.  Originally to be called “Tales of political insanity”, Sub-Prime Minister has all the characters, David Cameron, Nigel Farage, Boris Johnston, Theresa May, President Obama, Angela Merkel,  Nicola Sturgeon, Alex Salmon, Franćois Hollande, and of course a guest appearance by Margaret Thatcher!


Author: Malcolm Bird
Narrator: Malcolm Bird, Rick Adams
Publisher: Malcolm Bird
Run time: 2 hours 4 minutes
Release Date: 03/27/2021