Submitting to Lord Rockwell

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Reader Advisory: This romantic erotica set in the Regency period contains light BDSM elements and themes of submission and dominance.

For debt-ridden Deana Herwood, losing a hand of cards to the wealthy Lord Rockwell is bad enough. But when he proposes that she settle her loss to him by spending one night offering her body up to his pleasure, she finds herself caught in a bind.

After agreeing, she discovers that his carnal appetite includes a preference for the taboo. When she expresses her reservations, he offers an even more outrageous proposition—he will owe her a hundred pounds if she fails to spend at his hands. Can she win the wager or will her body succumb to the wicked attentions of Lord Rockwell? 


Publisher: Wind Color Press
Narrator: Em Brown
Run time: 1 hours 7 minutes
Release Date: 04/25/2017