Summary: Keep Sharp by Sanjay Kupta, MD: Build a Better Brain at Any Age

Summary: Keep Sharp by Sanjay Kupta, MD: Build a Better Brain at Any Age

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Keep Sharp is Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s comprehensive guide to cognitive dysfunction disease in its various forms, including dementia, and the prevention, treatment, and strategies to cope. 

Gupta bravely initiated a noble and global quest to gather up and analyze how doctors tackle brain function problems and cognitive challenges. He holds an impressive list of characters and anecdotes from his efforts..

Keep Sharp appeals to a diversified bevy of readers as a double gem for popular science and medical advice. Although avoiding medical jargon is impossible for cognitive dysfunction, Gupta shows us a simplified, engaging, and compelling story built around one of the most complex objects we know of—the human brain. Defining his terms right out of the gate gives the reader what they need to understand and act upon. The reader begins to learn how our physical and mental activities effect our brains. Boosting one’s brain prowess with medically established methods to help prevent Alzheimer's’ arises as a dominant theme.

Dr. Gupta sculpted his narrative's contents with plenty of advice for those who show symptoms of the first stages of dementia. He puts his arm around the reader, tells him or her how to get the help they need, secure a proper diagnosis, and how to come to grips with the most adverse effects.

Gupta pieces together valuable resources in the final chapter to guide those who carry a diagnosis of dementia. Though his approach is predictably straightforward and practical, he infuses it with the empathy and understanding of a good doctor. His goal: bring the issue of Alzheimer’s, its significance, its challenges, and possible solutions to a broader audience.

This book is not intended as medical advice. If you have health problems, consult with your physician. Rather than replace Dr. Gupta's book, it serves to


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