Summer Beach Reads: Billionaire Romance Collection - special edition

Summer Beach Reads: Billionaire Romance Collection - special edition

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The perfect summer-themed romances to keep you enthralled page after page, all in one volume.

The Billionaire’s Second-Chance Bride (The Romero Brothers Book 1)

Accidentally Flirting with the CEO (Accidentally Flirting with the CEO Books 1-3)

An Unexpected Bride (The Bride Series Book 1)

His Island Bride (The Bride Series Book 4)


I am addicted to Shadonna’s books!! I absolutely loved the Romero series and now just as i thought am already loving the Belmont's. This sexy, steamy love story between Olivia and Dane will surely keep you wanting more. Your in for a big surprise with a twist I NEVER saw coming!! --AMZ REVIEW

I could not put this down. I enjoyed how the characters worked their way into each other's life by being friends first and turning into a fairy tale romance… a mystery, thriller, and romance…

- Goodreads reviewer


Author: Shadonna Richards
Narrator: Kira Omans, Ami Douglas, Sarah Grant
Publisher: Shadonna Richards
Run time: 17 hours 0 minutes
Release Date: 05/16/2018