Swamp Music: A Bubba the Monster Hunter Novella

Swamp Music: A Bubba the Monster Hunter Novella

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Bubba's facing off against the most fearsome creature in history - Florida Man!

Well, not really. But kinda. Bubba's hitting the road to to help a friend when Uncle Father Joe calls for aid. Bubba rolls into Orlando to help out the defrocked priest and his scientist/were-gator girlfriend, and ends up stumbling into something much bigger than even that giant lizard's cloaca! Somebody's hunting cryptids, and it ain't him, so he needs to find out what's going on back in them swamps, and why suddenly everybody is named Director Shaw?!?

Bubba will battle foes both human and cryptid, and some a little of both in this hilarious horror comedy novella. Season Five of Bubba the Monster Hunter continues with Swamp Music!


Author: John G. Hartness
Narrator: John Solo
Publisher: Falstaff Books
Run time: 2 hours 58 minutes
Release Date: 06/21/2021