Sweeping S'Ride

Sweeping S'Ride

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It's a big galaxy, and somebody needs to clean it.

When maintenance technician Triana Moore arrives on the planet Sally Ride, she just wants to get through the high-lev meeting and get her relationship with Agent Ty O'Neill back to normal. But everywhere she turns, she's reminded of the serial killer who got away.

When a short escape from the boredom leads her to an eerily familiar crime scene, she starts to wonder if she's losing it.

With the help of Ty, her frenemy Vanti, and a cupcake truck, will Triana survive the most boring meeting in the galaxy? And will she finally sweep her nemesis out of her life? Or will she run away again--this time for good?


Author: Julia Huni
Narrator: Rachel Music
Publisher: IPH Media
Run time: 5 hours 56 minutes
Release Date: 07/25/2022