Swindled: A gripping and suspenseful tale of deceit and revenge

Swindled: A gripping and suspenseful tale of deceit and revenge

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‘He’s out there somewhere. He’s taken everything from me, and … I hate him!’


Beautiful, but a little spoilt, Lottie Thorogood leads a charmed life. Returning home from horse riding one day, she finds a stranger, drinking tea in the family drawing room – a stranger who will change her life, forever.


After a bad decision cut short her police career, Hannah Sandlin is desperate to make her mark as a private investigator. She knows she has the skills, but why won’t anyone take her seriously? She’s about to become embroiled in a mystery that will finally put those skills to the test and prove her doubters wrong. It will also bring her a friend for life.


Vincent Rocchino has spent his life charming the ladies, fleecing them and fleeing when things turn sour. How long can he keep running before his past catches up with him?

S.E. Shepherd’s brilliant new novel is a tale of how the strong bond of friendship can overcome the darkness of deception, and a gripping new thriller that you won’t want to put down.


'A great debut mystery thriller with a touch of cozy.' Advance Reader

'...will definitely takes your breath away...an absolute stunner of a thriller...' Surjit's Book Blog


Author: S E Shepherd
Narrator: Alison Morgan
Publisher: Hobeck Audiobooks
Run time: 9 hours 42 minutes
Release Date: 03/24/2022