Taking Care Of Business: A Mike Ash Crime Novel

Taking Care Of Business: A Mike Ash Crime Novel

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Tampa homicide detective Mike Ash faces two of his most baffling cases yet! First, someone is trying to rid Tampa of drugs and criminals, but who? Territorial rivals? If so, why leave the drugs and weapons for the police to find? Yet where has all the money gone? Second, why is a national children’s charity suddenly underfunded and closing its operations across the country? More importantly, why are some of the top executives found murdered?

     While Mike tries to sort out the means, motives, and opportunities for multiple murders, his girlfriend, Terri, confronts her past traumas and current fears with the help of a caring psychologist. Is she safe from the man who kidnapped her, then disappeared after her rescue? Can she trust Mike to keep her informed and safe from the kidnapper?

      Buy this audiobook to see how Mike, Terri and even Tampa itself find healing, restoration and justice.


Author: DL Ashmore, D. L. Ashmore
Narrator: Will Hahn
Publisher: David L. Ashmore
Run time: 3 hours 47 minutes
Release Date: 04/30/2021