Target Practice Mysteries 5 & 6

Target Practice Mysteries 5 & 6

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Book Five and Six in a series set at the fictional Westmound Center for Competitive Shooting Sports in rural Wyoming. The series includes competitive archery, a Great Dane named Moo and lots of murder.

Target Practice Mysteries 5 & 6

Death in the Casino

A tournament in Vegas means gambling, archery… and murder?

The last thing Di, her roommate Mary, and Great Dane Moo expect when they arrive in Sin City is to be swept up in another investigation. But when friend Loggin fears he might be the next victim, the competition takes a back seat to finding a killer.

Death from Abroad

When a renowned international archery team arrives for training camp, they bring with them elite athletes, drama, and murder.

Di’s plan for quiet time with Great Dane Moo and handsome Liam is interrupted when Bordistan National Coach Natasha is found dead in the snow. Instead of cuddles, Di finds herself roped into solving the murder with one of the visiting star archers, Ivana. That gets more interesting when Di discovers Liam was once engaged to the stunning beauty from Bordistan.

Can she sort through the secret complications to find the truth before time runs out?

A humorous and clean cozy mystery for every sleuth in the family


Author: Nikki Haverstock
Narrator: Nikki Haverstock
Publisher: Ranch Dog Entertainment, LLC
Run time: 6 hours 0 minutes
Release Date: 10/16/2020