Thanks for Love: A Sweetwater Canyon Novella

Thanks for Love: A Sweetwater Canyon Novella

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Sweetwater Canyon Book 4 – A Thanksgiving Novella

Is faith and forgiveness enough to make a family of four survive and thrive?

After Sarah’s horrific ordeal with Amanda, all she wanted was to be in Tom’s arms forever. But her road to rehabilitation is a difficult one, both physically and mentally. She pushes herself hard to return to the Sweetwater Canyon band, to be a good mother to the Davidson boys, and to maintain her faith.

When it looks like the wedding is off, Connor and Grady put together a plan to get the family they’ve always wanted. A Thanksgiving Day wedding, with all of Broken Bow in attendance is in jeopardy. Can the boys get the bride to show up?


Author: Maggie Lynch
Narrator: Sonja Field
Publisher: Windtree Press
Run time: 3 hours 13 minutes
Release Date: 04/30/2018