The African Vegan in Today’s Modern World: Guide to African Vegan

The African Vegan in Today’s Modern World: Guide to African Vegan

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Book Description

In today’s modern world, there seems to be a new trending diet to try out or follow every week. Everyone wants to get the ideal body that society has sold us, and they want to get it quick. Our problem is that we view these dietary changes this way, as a means to an end rather than a lifestyle change. It can be discouraging to make lifestyle changes when the diets seem so complicated and expensive, especially for those people who don’t live in the first world. Things like Atkins and Keto just seem unrealistic.

In this guide, you’ll be reintroduced to a lifestyle that has been around for centuries. This diet is just as trendy as Atkins and is steadily on the rise. We’re talking about Veganism. We shouldn’t be dieting to lose weight and keep up with the unrealistic body standards of the day. We should make lifestyle changes that better us and our health. Veganism is a lifestyle change. One that results in better health overall.

The goal of this guide is to educate on Veganism as well as its origins in Africa, and its continuance throughout different African, and global, societies, and give tips and advice on how to transition into or maintain a vegan diet while living in Africa


Author: Susan Zeppieri
Narrator: David Van Der Molen
Publisher: Susan Zeppieri
Run time: 1 hours 14 minutes
Release Date: 07/20/2021