The Alpha and Omega: The Introduction

The Alpha and Omega: The Introduction

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“The Alpha and Omega – The Introduction” is an inspirational, short poetic autobiography. MICHELLE is introduced. And as the Alpha and Omega. She struggles with modesty. Yet, she is compelled to motivate the world and its future generations to acknowledge changes within the structure of life. She makes references to her birth – and its significance. She makes time relevant in the grand scheme of the world. She allows the number 12 to be properly displayed as she defines lines with fierce intentions! Her mercy is revealed as she expresses herself with an artistic approach. She expresses notion to time with relevance to life. She makes connections to energy by expressing her deep emotional connection to Aaron Christopher. She makes health and wellness a priority. She articulates the basic nutritional needs. She places emphasis on cleanliness. All the while she urges protection and implies the imperfection of man. She then offers a new start. But not without addressing those who proclaim to be leaders. The conflicts of the world drive her to promote the well-being of nations. She acknowledges struggles. She insists in triumph! Warning to those who attempt to fill her shoes. With the words of grace, she simply offers salvation. And reminds everyone that a kingdom - a paradise - will be had!


Author: Michelline Jacquelle "Michelle" Porter
Narrator: Diane Busch
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing
Run time: 24 minutes
Release Date: 09/08/2016