The Anime Trope System: Legend of the Stone Father #21

The Anime Trope System: Legend of the Stone Father #21

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The Anime Trope System Season 2 begins here!

The truth of the stone-viper fight has been revealed!

Clyde and Team Stone triumphed something with all odds set against them, including the weight of Taint itself. The stone-viper games were but phase one of what is to come. The universal apocalypse in which Celestial wants to avoid…

A dark revelation: what lies beyond the authors of Taint and Purity? What else slumbers…?

For now, the team sets off to Ako and Neko’s homeland. There, unexpected events happen.

Clyde and Team Stone is back for the second season, ready to kick ass, expand the humor, and get to the bottom of this continuous problem.


Author: Alvin Atwater
Narrator: David Reimer
Publisher: Void Star Publishing
Run time: 7 hours 11 minutes
Release Date: 09/18/2021