The Awakening: Book One in the Zombie Uprising Series

The Awakening: Book One in the Zombie Uprising Series

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They wanted to thaw history’s buried secrets. But now an undead army is awake… and hungry for flesh.


Jen Reed longs to reconnect with her estranged father. Given the opportunity to work together on an archaeological dig, the young scientist excitedly packs her bags for the isolated Arctic tundra. But she starts to wonder if the village elder’s ominous warnings hold truth when a local turns up with yellow eyes and a strange bite mark…


As the old man’s ancient tale rings in her head, Jen explores a historic burial site and is shocked to discover the dead have risen craving human flesh. With a violent storm bearing down, Jen must find the courage to warn the others before the terrifying zombie horde unleashes unspeakable carnage.


Can Jen stop the feasting corpses before the hunger spreads across the globe?

The Awakening is the first book in the Zombie Uprising post-apocalyptic series. If you like fast-paced action, terrifying frozen landscapes, and undead slasher battles, then you’ll love M.A. Robbins pulse-pounding tale.


Buy The Awakening for a bloodcurdling battle for survival today!


Author: M.A. Robbins
Narrator: Laura Jennings
Publisher: Cottage Street Press
Run time: 3 hours 48 minutes
Release Date: 02/05/2019